Free Consultation 


I will undertake an initial telephone consultation with you; however, should I feel that hypnosis is not the right path for you, I may recommend another service/ hypnotherapist. If I feel that you may be suitable for hypnosis you can visit m at The Blue Lotus Centre, Scorrier; also at Xanadu in Trelawarren Street in Camborne. and The Wellness  Hut, Stithians. I am also available in Penzance and Newlyn. In some cases I will undertake a home visit but I will charge additional fuel costs. You are under no obligation to proceed with any treatment unless you are happy.


Fees: Clinical Services £50 per hour (after initial consultation)

Who do you think you were?


There are many theories surrounding PLR, and a lot of studies and research. Every time I undertake a PLR I am fascinated. Everyone experiences the process differently but many agree that he or she are often left with a profound and vivid recollection of being someone else sometimes male or female with multiple lives and that he or she has less fear of death or dying.

The emotional impact of experiencing a past life regression through hypnosis is likely to be something that you will not forget. One of the theories is that the unconscious mind is working through emotional issues similar to when we dream. The therapy can thus be beneficial even if one has no belief in reincarnation/ soul survival.  There have also been high profile cases surrounding false memories in cases of regression therapies so it is important if you are interested in PLR that it is undertaken by a suitably qualified therapist.


Individual Fee: £150 approx 2/3 hours  (You may explore more than one life. Every case is different.)

Group Past Life Regression: £45 pp


Look out for occasional discounts on my Facebook page.

I offer a chance to experience past life regression in a group setting. This may still provide a valuable experience but it does not offer the opportunity to interact with the  therapist who can also record your experience. You will instead, write or draw whatever images or insights you have experienced etc. upon returning to full consciousness, for yourself.


Meet your Spirit Guide


Many cultures use utilise the process of trance work to achieve the altered states of consciousness required for spirit work such as in trance mediumship, pathworking,  guided meditation and shamanic work. Whatever your goal, this may be negotiated in consultation.



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