About me

My Philosophy

I decided when I trained as a hypnotherapist that I wanted above all else to remain true to myself. Although I trained in clinical hypnotherapy I am very much a person who is aware of the spiritual and metaphysical and the natural world. I am clairaudient, and I have seen and felt spirits. I used to regularly feel a little spirit dog curling up on the bottom of my bed when I moved back to Cornwall. I was generally too tired to take a look and so I never saw what breed it was! I do not promote myself and my work providing weight loss workshops or staged demonstrations and talks on hypnosis in order to attract business. My interest has always led me to a more transpersonal view of hypnosis.

I am also guided by intuition. My services are delivered with empathy and honesty. 

My Story

I have a background as a Scenes of Crime Officer and Coroner's Officer with the Metropolitan Police, I have worked in Crown Courts and within the legal defence profession attending prisoners in Belmarsh and Pentonville prison. I am able to understand all in this situation. Prior to this, I was working with the Hub Theatre School in the late 80's and in Children's and Fringe Theatre in Covent Garden, in London, and touring throughout the UK. I have had a long and unusual journey before retraining as a Clinical Hypnotherapist!

I was 22 weeks pregnant with triplets and working for the Coroner in Kings Cross London when the 2005 July 7th bombing occurred. I had a difficult journey home on that day and due to the stress, my waters broke the very next day. My babies were saved thanks to the wonderful NHS support, thereafter my life changed dramatically.

Postnatal depression followed and I returned to Cornwall where I had spent much of my teens and twenties. My house flooded three times over a period of three years and a horrific divorce added to a catalogue of events that very nearly brought me to my knees. I found the strength to keep trying and although it felt as if I would drown I somehow didn't! 

My Training

NLP Practitioner

Dr Richard Bandler May 2017

Certificate/Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

South West School Hypnotherapy 2013-2017

Mind-field Training Kent/Cornwall

BA Hons History 
Middlesex University 1996-99
Post Graduate Diploma in Law
Manchester Metropolitan University 2001-2003

I can help with everyday addictions such as weight loss, anxiety, depression, and phobias.  


Hypnosis has many benefits. I combine hypnosis with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am not someone who added a quick NLP course to my repertoire, I trained with Dr. Richard Bandler who co-created NLP; I am one of the few who are allowed to use the  NLP Society Logo as a Licensed Practitioner. There is no handbook for life and what is right for one person may not be right for the next person. My spiritual beliefs lean towards Pantheism and Paganism, but the Christian philosophy of 'let he who is without sin, cast the first stone' is I feel a sound one. I do not judge you when you seek my help, I have not walked a mile in your shoes.

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