Change your thoughts, Change your future

If you are struggling it is often wise to seek some additional help.Hypnosis is one of the most natural complimentary therapies that you can choose. It is safe in the hands of a fully trained therapist and you are already doing it! Have you ever driven home and not remembered the journey? Or watched a film and lost yourself in the magic and temporarily switched off? How often do you stare into space and day dream? These are occasions when your unconscious mind is working although you may not be aware or conscious of it.

Hypnosis is a natural state and it is very relaxing; often regarded as having the same benefit  as a deep and restful sleep. The unconscious mind is like an iceberg and stores memories, and events that we may not have consciously been aware of. Some things become addictive in this way and our unconscious mind will seek to repeat addictive behaviour because it makes us feel good or safe or confident etc. these are false benefits and through hypnosis we can make the changes that we desire by influencing the unconscious patterns that we have developed in a way that benefits our desired change.


Question: Will I  lose. control and reveal things that I don't want someone else to know? 


Answer: No! A suitably qualified therapist would not ask you to reveal anything under hypnosis that you would be uncomfortable with.


Question: Will the therapist have control of my mind?


Answer: No! A therapist  merely facilitates helping you to access a state of hypnosis and you are in charge of creating your own hypnotic state. You will also learn to perform 'self-hypnosis'.



I am also a licensed Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. NLP is also a very useful tool for removing unwanted feelings or images. It is particularly helpful for treating phobias.

I have an enhanced DBS Cert.

I am based at both:

  • The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier House, Redruth, TR16 5AU

  • The Wellness Hut, Church Road, Stithians, TR3 7DH 

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